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can YOU help me, to get QSL_Cards from    this Callsign`s    because of new DXCC and/or new Square ?

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contacts via the moon (EME)

contacts via Tropo, Es, Meteorit, Aurora or FAI

"contact" via Space_Shuttle Columbia_W5LFL (1983-dec-7 1318z -- W5LFL was only TXing!)
My RX was only a ICOM IC-215 with his lamda/4 = still in use (!)

W5LFL Owen K. Garriot died on 15.apr.2019 at the age of 88 - a pioneer in space - RIP Owen, cul (!)
More Info abt Owen K. Garriot find u here

contacts via Satellit AO7

contacts via Satellit AO10

some Diplomes from my HF-work can u find here