Qso`s (Contact`s) via Tropo are NOT so easy, then i see a lot of mountains and they are direction north, south and east 1100m higher then my QTH (520m asl). A "good take off" are to west and north/east - only 3 elevation hi
my TakeOff from JN77pk: a 360 View:

 Aurora for my 144mc-Log go to
Aurora Openings are here very rare, about 1 Aurora every 6-7 Years :-( .... hmmm, WHAT is/are Aurora ?

 F.A.I. for my 144mc-Log go to
Between Mai and September are sometimes QSO`s via FAI possible, Scatterpoint are Geneve or Brest (France). Pse look via the Homepage from Jacob IC8FAX for more Details !

 Meteor Scatter for my 144mc-Log go to
My Favorite (including EME) is Meteorscatter on 144mc (1981->1986 and 1995->Today). Another Meteorshower Infos ? ... then go to this Adress My first Start on Meteorscatter was during perseids 1981 in SSB - with a great help from Wolfgang/OE3OKS! On CW from 1985 with Commodore_C64 with Software on Eprom (TX max speed 2000lpm) or ETM8-c (TX max 5000lpm), Modified Cassette_Recorder by OE6IWG (Variable Speed, RX max 2500lpm) Hardware for RX and TX from LA8AK. A QSO with Allan OZ1DSK was UFB with 1500lpm (5.Aug.1985 !). Another 2000lpm Sked with Jan_Martin LA8AK was NC, i rcvd good Bursts, Decoding was ok, but my PA was too "small" :( Info: Jan_Martin LA8AK, died on 11.4.2005 at the age of 59 years - we all lost a VY good friend with him - cul JM!
His HomePage is still here (this Site is OK/Safe!) I use since Spring 1995 the DTR+ (DigitalTapeRecorder) from Dit DF7KF to receive the Meteor_Signals. Also i use the JUDSP_3.x from Michael_DK6JU and Bernd_DL9AN For Sending the High-Speed Messages i have my ETM8c-Keyer , the WinMS-DSP-2000 from Tiho_9A4GL, or MS-Software from Ilkka OH5IY This was my MS-Equipment in the 80s and 90s: (ETM8c and DTR+ still in use)
Now i use also the Software WSJT from Joe_K1JT VERY good articel u can found in DUBUS (really a good magazine for VHF to EHF, I have them ALL since 1979)

 Sporadic Easy for my 144mc-log go to
Contact`s via Sporadic_Easy - First QSO`s was Mai_1979 to Spain_EA5 and F. Uuuuuh .... which a feeling with 10w! from a Icom_211e and a 6el Quad (hrd 11 Stations, worked only 3!), and my first project was clear: A Home_Made PA with the Tube QQE-06/40 First Tests with the PA was in March, April 1980 (ready before the next Es-Season starts).

 E.M.E. for my 144mc-log go to
Next Favorite: i'm also QRV via the Moon. On this Place i will say many thanks to Guenter_DL4MEA, Udo_DK5YA and John_PE1OGF (now PA5MS), then i send much more then one EMail/Question to them about a good Design for a Power-Amplifier .... ! Hmmm, i like this UFB Ham-Spirit !
My Power_Amplifier? -- pffff You know: "Live is too short for QRP" :-))
I work most time with a PA from LZ2US -> this is the homepage from Marko
My Spare Amplifier is from HA8UG

In the Late 70`s and 80`s was it a vy good Test (for POSSIBLE Openings via Sporadic) to Monitoring the TV_BAND_I (Today 6m Traffic), and the Broadcast_QRG`s (70-130mc). If there was any Signal on this Bands, then "hurry the Power on" .... ;-) (Fotos from my TV-DX can you find here)

Between 18.Mai.1980 and 8.Jun.1981 i worked 30 DXCC via OSCAR_7 (NO PC, only "DL-Oscalator") Nice Callsigns: W1NU, TU2GA, TU2IT, 9G1DY, CT1WW, SV8CS, UL7DD (Oscar_7 was QRT around 11.-13.jun.1981) AND WAS QRV AGN (After 21Years!) in July_2002! Maked Tests (12 QSO) via OSCAR_8 and started on AO_10 with the first QSO on 10.Aug.1983. "Highlight_Calls": DP0GVN (SouthPolaris), KL7WE (Alaska), W6JKV/CE6 (EasterIsland), W1YRM/KH2 (Guam), FT8XB (Kerguelen) and a really nice Contact with Heinrich_FK1TK (NewCaledonia) ... QSO`s via AO_10 = 343 ... Worked only 10 QSO`s via AO_13, then Crashed my icom IC211e for RX on 2m :(
my received QSL-Cards can u find here

Worked a lot of Local-QSO`s via RTTY with Commodore_C64 and later FAX/SSTV with JVFax and HamCom.

 Packet Radio
Also i spend between 1989 - 2004 much time as "Solo_SYS-Op" to our Packet_Radio Network OE6XWR - JN77qj click (QTH Rennfeld, 1630m asl, RMNC_FlexNet, 4 Links), and installed 1996 the DX_Cluster OE6XCE - JN77pk with Software Clusse from OH7LZB here in my Shack ...
OE6XCE is QRT and the new SysOp from OE6XWR is now OE6MKD_Renè.

And at last, i need QSL`s from ...

   P l e a s e   

Can YOU help me, to get QSL_Cards from    this Callsign`s    because of new DXCC and/or new Square ?


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