1985 Danmark (Tent) - I was qrv with OE6IWG/OZ from JO46sf near Silkeborg (only Local_QSO)
     and JO47nf near Fjerritslev for Tropo.
     Power was from a little KLM_PA with 80W (tnx to Wolf_OE3OKS) into a 4el Homemade Antenna.
     ODX was PA3BRJ/JO32lg via Tropo with 568 km ... Complete Infos 

1988 Greece (Caravan) - The holiday_QTH was in KM19qx with Call OE6IWG/SV, 90W + 16El)
     Sporadic QSO`s with Finn_OZ4VV and OZ1ASL (sri, i got NO qsl from him), hrd OZ3ZW (he called YU5).
     I worked Stations via Tropo to South SV, I, LZ  and first SSB_MS Tests to OE.
     This was the hottest Summer in my Life, up to 45C (many death Peoples in Athens, Lamia and Larisa) and only
     15 min Rainfall in 5 Weeks, so i was the most time IN the Water ...
     at all: 7 Loc and 4 DXCC , ODX was Finn_OZ4VV via Sporadic_Easy with 2132 km... Complete Infos 

1989 Greece (Caravan) - The Callsign was again OE6IWG/SV, Locator was KM19uw and i wkd a lot of Callsigns via Tropo,
     E-sporadic and MS with 90w and 16el F9FT.
     at all: 28 Loc and 12 DXCC , ODX was Carlos_EA5DGC via Sporadic_Easy with 2157 km... Complete Infos 

1990 Greece (Caravan) - The first time with Cept_Callsign SV/OE6IWG/p (m, mm), Locator was again KM19uw near Paliouri
     Equipment there :  90w + 9el portabel (Car and Caravan was full, so no place for my 16el).
     I drived with my Car, 220vac Generator and Tent! for Days to:
     KN20aa/MA71f  -  KM29ax/MZ01h  -  KN10sb/LA78j , Power 90w + 9el.

     many years later i can see, that my maps in the 80s wasn`t really good - KN10sb is KN10ra(!)
     2day is it MUCH easier to control the Locators ;-)

     at all: 22 Loc and 11 DXCC , ODX was Reinhard_DK1KO via MS with 1844 km... Complete Infos 

     Info abt 6m: i had on this time the Cept_Lis info from SV (Letter_Nr. 61363 / 8.March/1990) and i was sure,
     that i can work on 50mc from the Locator KM19uw, and startet with 6m (in OE was it possible to work on 6m!)
     BUT: i got after 90mins the Info from Costas_SV1AB via Emil_IK0OKY, that 6m are ONLY free for the SV1_Area!
     Sri, i found *NOTHING* about this in my license-letter from greece , so i stopped my work quickly,
     then it is NOT my interest to work "black" on 50mc in greece ... vy sorry folks ... :( 

1991 Danmark (Caravan) - Around Silkeborg (JO46) in OZ 

1995 Italy - I8/OE6IWG (Caravan) from JN72jb only for Tropo.
     We was also around on Garganico (Pèschici, Fieste, Rodi etc ..) to check a QTH for my next MS-work ...
     at all: 16 Loc and 4 DXCC ... Complete Infos 

1997 Italy (Caravan) - I8/OE6IWG - JN72jb  ••  I6/OE6IWG - JN62xs  ••  I7/OE6IWG - JN81aw
     Now it`s vy easy to control all the Locators with my Garmin GPS-12XL .
     Sri, i had not more time left to activate I7/OE6IWG - JN71tw (i was on Camping Torre,
     but only for a short Visite) ... a really good Place for Radio !
     at all: 28 Loc and 7 DXCC
     ODX was Mike_G1HWY via MS with 1510 km - not a single Sporadic there :( ... Complete Infos  

1998 Greece (Caravan)- SV3/OE6IWG - KM06vu, KM06ut, KM07ug and KM16dv
     Equipment was 150-180w, 3sk97 Preamp and a 9el_F9FT .. PA and Preamp from DH3YAK, tnx Winfried !
     wkd via Meteor:
     11/12 DXCC/WAE: 9A, 9H, DL, EA6, F, HA, I/IT9, LY, S5, SV and YU
     67 QSO`s: 29xDL, 21xI, 9xS5, 2xHA, 2xYU, 1x9A, 1xF, 1xEA6 and 1xLY
     at all: 33 Locators via MS (41 Loc incl. Tropo) and 11 DXCC
     ODX was DL1EJA with 2056km    ... and again NO sporadic (snief) ... Complete Infos and Pic`s 

     Danmark - OZ/OE6IWG/m - Silkeborg JO46se (Motorhome) - (September),
     but NO Chance for Radio (had all my Equipment in the Motorhome), then this time was my Mother`s Holiday ...
     sri Mario/I1JTQ and Carlo/I8TWK !

1999 Italy - (Motorhome) IW5/OE6IWG/m - JN52, JN53
     A trip during Eastern (2.Apr.-11.Apr.) to Toscana with ONLY FM-Radio
     incl. a really UFB Visite by Enrico_I5WBE  hi - thanks to you and your Family Enrico!

     Greece - SV3/OE6IWG/m - KM17oh (Apartement) from 27.Aug - 15.Sep near Porto Helio
     A good MS-place, but i had no CW/SSB Radio ...

2000 Ireland (Boat) - EI/OE6IWG/mm - Logh_Ree > Shannon_River > Lough_Dergh - IO52, IO53 and IO63
     Between 19.Aug. and 2.Sep. on a Boat-House.
     Sorry, NO CW/SSB-Radio at this time, only FM with 50_watts  ;-)
     but: i look for any good Places to make a MS-DXPed in the Future ! 

2001 Croatia - Tisno/Murter (Apartement) - 15.Apr to 21.Apr

     Croatia/Dalmatija - 9A/OE6IWG/mm /m /p - (Boat and Motorhome) - 8.Jul to 22.Jul
     One Week on a Boat and one Week with our Motorhome

     Italy - I8/OE6IWG - JN72jb -(Motorhome) - 1.Sep - 8.Sep ... Complete Infos 

2002 Italy - Toscana - I5/OE6IWG/m (Motorhome) - 21.Mrz to 29.Mrz
     Again a special thanks to Enrico_I5WBE and his Family!

     Croatia - Krk and Istra - 9A/OE6IWG/m (Motorhome) - 1.May to 5.May

     Croatia - Biograd -> Hvar and Return - 9A/OE6IWG/mm  (Sailing-Boat) - 12.Jul to 20.Jul

     Sardenia - IS0/OE6IWG/m /p - JM48hx and JN40us (Motorhome) - 22.Aug to 5.Sep
     (144_CW/WSJT-MS-DXPedition) - QRV with 120w (Power was often only 200VAC) and 9el
     wkd via Meteor:
     9/10 DXCC/WAE: DL, HB9, PA, S5, OZ, I, G, HA, OK and IM0
     61 QSO`s: 36xDL, 6xG, 6xS5, 4xPA, 3xOZ, 2xI, 1xHA, 1xHB9, 1xOK1 and 1xIM0
     at all: 29 Locators via MS
     ODX was OZ1IEP with 1892km ... Complete Infos and Pic`s  

2003 Italy - Calabria I8/OE6IWG/m (Motorhome) - 12.Apr to 27.Apr
     JN72,71,81,80,90, JM99,89,88,87,77,78,79, JN70,71,61,62 ...
     TRX IC202 and a Dipol on the Roof of the Motorhome, but nothing hrd/wkd ...
     The April is perhaps too early for SSB_Working on 144 mc?

     Danmark - OZ/OE6IWG/m (Motorhome) - 5.Jul to 19.Jul
     I was only QRV in FM.

     Croatia - Omis - 9A/OE6IWG - JN83ik (Motorhome) - 30.Aug to 9.Sep
     Not QRV ... 3 Days with Bora (vy strong Wind) ... no Chance to hold the Antenna.

2004 San Marino - 13.apr to 18.apr (Motorhome, No Radio)
     Hungary - 28.mai to 5.june (Motorhome, No Radio)
     Croatia - 11.july to 16.july (Sailing, No Radio)
     Croatia - 9A/OE6IWG/m (Motorhome) 20.aug to 4.sep - JN73tt, JN83ik, JN92fk
     144mc = 150W and 9El - HF 100W and 10m Longwire vertical

     We had a ufb bay for relaxing in JN92fk, but a VY bad qth for VHF, i called abouth
     10 hours CQ on 144.370 and i worked only ONE! Station (IK7XWJ) via Meteorscatter/Tropo ... :O(
     In JN83ik and JN73tt not more QRV on 144mc - I wkd a lot of stations on 40m and 20m.

2005 Montenegro - YT6IWG (Motorhome) - JN92nf - from 30.aug to 31.aug - then failed my TRX.
     144mc = 150W and 9El - HF 100W and 9,6m Longwire vertical
     at all: 7 Loc and 6 DXCC , ODX was Peter_OZ1LPR with 1781 km... Complete Infos 

2006 Croatia - Dalmatija - 9A/OE6IWG/mm  (Sailing-Boat) - 08.Jul to 15.Jul
     HF: TS680s and Outbacker_Perth

     Greece - SV/OE6IWG (Motorhome) - KM19ux - from 27.aug to 08.sep.
     144mc: 160W + 9El - HF/mobil: 100W and Outbacker_Perth or 9,6m Longwire vertical or W3DZZ
     at all: 25 Loc and 13 DXCC , ODX was Carl_OZ1IEP with 1964 km... Complete Infos 

2007 Croatia - Dalmatija - 9A/OE6IWG/mm  (Sailing-Boat) HF: IC-706MK2G and 5.5m Whipantenna - 08.Jul to 13.Jul
     Sardenia - IS0/OE6IWG/m (Motorhome) - JM49tg, JN40 - from 23.aug to 08.sep
     144mc: IC-706MK2G + 160W + 9el -- HF: IC-706MK2G (100w) and Outbacker_Perth (or 9,6m Longwire vertical) Complete Infos 

2008 Italy - I3/OE6IWG/m (Motorhome) - Eastern - HF: IC-706MK2G with Outbacker_Perth.
     Italy - I8/OE6IWG (Motorhome) - 15.aug to 02.sep. - HF: IC-706MK2G and 10m vertical


     Italy - I0/OE6IWG/m (Motorhome) Lago di Bolsena - HF: IC-706MK2G with 10m vertical - Eastern.

     Greece - SV2/OE6IWG (Motorhome) - KM19ux - 27.aug to 11.sep.
     144mc: IC-706MK2G + 160W + 9el (HSCW and FSK441) -- HF: IC-706MK2G and 10m vertical

    here ending my DXPeditions on 144mc

    i was 24 years qrv from different places and helped MANY OMs in EU to work a new square on 144 mc,

    but the last activity from KM19 droping to a farce - 8 1/2 hours CQ and 1 QSO ... Complete Infos

    yes, it`s time for a another challenge :-) ... 73 es gl, de walter


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