144mc   SV / O E 6 I W G     KM06,   KM07,   KM16

At first, many thanks to my yl Ingrid/OE6YNE, he helped vy much to organize this "holiday-vhf-expedition" in SV3 !

Then my special thanks:

to Silvio/IW1AZJ and Udo/DK5YA for the vy nice infos to find any good places for radio-work,

to Guido/DL8EBW for his great work with the MWS_1998-list, this was "THE info" for me to activate this squares in south_greece,

to Winfried/DH3YAK, he borrow me his PA and PreAmplifier for this expedition ...

... and to you, the skedpartners (the disciplin was ufb!)...

QSL`s direct OR via bureau/adl_622
(QSL direct=direct return --- QSL via bureau=via bureau return)

address for direct: walter steinwender, h.v.hofmannsthalweg 3, a-8605 kapfenberg, austria

I answer 100% !!

received and RETURN! qsl`s:     update = 17.jan.11:
dl5dta, dk0og, dl5gac, ik1pag, dl5mae, dk3wg, dl1eap, iw2bna, i1anp, dj7of, dh3yak, dl8ebw, ea6vq, yu7ew, s57tw, in3twx, iw1azj
i1jtq, ly2wr, ik3vzo, ik1lgv, dd0vf, dl1dur, dl5mcg, dl1maj, dl5me, iw9dcn, iw9foq, it9sgn, df5bn, dl1eja, s51at, i5wbe, iw1chx
ik2mlw, 9h9mhr, 9h1av, dl2fdx, dl4mea, iz5eme, de8bus-swl, s54aa, i8twk


C   and   NC   from KM06, KM07 and KM16...

    - i called abt 9 hours cq on 144.093 from west to north, but not so much echo,
      most comes back from north-west ...
    - called also often on tropo to north-west on 144.300 on 20ut, but no chance
      to copy any I3 or I4 stations ... sri boys
      tropo to I8, IT9 or 9H was really ufb with signals much over S9 !
    tropo-qso from KM06ut (Methoni):
    19.7. IW8QQJ (JM88), SV8AQY (KM08), IT9IPQ/9 (JM78), IT9XDJ (JM77), IW9FOQ (JM76) and 9H5IO (JM75)
    20.7. SV1CDZ/8 (KM07),  9H1CD (JM75), IW9DCN (JM77), IT9SGN (JM76) and IK8MLW (JM89)
    21.7. 9H1CD (JM75), hrd EA3ADW (JN11)
    23.7. 9H1CD (JM75), test with EA3BAP nil ...
    tropo-qso from KM07ug (Kyparissia):
    24.7. IW8QQJ (JM88), IT9IPQ/9 (JM78), test with I8MPO nil ... IK8MLW (JM89), hrd SV8CS ...
    26.7. 9H5L (JM75), 9H1AV (JM75), 9H9MHR (JM75)
    ahja, tnx to henry 9H1CD for his help to fix the problem with my microphone and pa!
    sri, no tropo-qso with I8TWK, IC8FAX and I8MPO :(
    FAI: hrd on 21.7. between 1920 and 1940ut EA3ADW (clg cq fai) with 53 via FAI, but no chance with my 180w .... qtf was 300-330°, so where was the scatterpoint ??? ... it was NOT Es, that was FAI ...
    QSL`s direct (with SASE) or via bureau/adl_622
    p.s. sri, that about 10 stations (most eme-stations!) was not qrv during there tailender_skeds,
    the chance to work south_sv comes not every year ...

YES, this was again a VY nice dxpedition fr me,
so i look in a few months for the next ;-)


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