Here some Digital-Diploms that i wkd in 3 years...

(Not QRV on 2m EME, so i was searching for a new challenge, hi)

...and many tnx to Heinz, DK5UR, for his UFB work on/with EPC and UltimateAAC(!)

Im not that Diplom-Hunter, but with this Helpers it`s easy to check possible Diplomes :-)

Link to EPC HomePage

ALL worked with MAX(!) 50Watt on a VerticalAntenna with 6,7meter (or 9,5m wire)

FT8 DigitalGroup
the FT8-Mode started at 2017/jul/20 -----
(B4 only JT65, JT9, BPSK and others):

30M DigitalGroup:


Only PSK and Co:

NDG Brasil-DigitalGroup:

ERC Spain: